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Complete Product Packaging

Complete Product packaging plays an important role on the sales of the product.

  • What are the advantages of good product packaging?
  •  Will good product packaging help in increasing sales?

When you have an attractive product packaging the effect is seen on the customer, as he / she is drawn towards the product, especially if they did not have the intention to buy it, they buy it anyway.

You may have many competitors in the market, hence, it is important for your product to stand out.

These days even If the product is average, the consumer will judge the product on its packaging, If the packaging is cheap & dull, they will not like the product too but if the packaging is attractive/ unique, there will be loyalty towards that product and a word of mouth will spread, which will make your product successful.

What are the areas of product packaging that you have to work on?

  • Product Container
Product Container

Product packaging container

Manufacturers usually use the same container that is being used by other companies. If you use another shape or another container, then the customer’s eyes will draw towards your product.

  • Product label


The label on the product should have an attractive design as well.

Too much information should be avoided and useful information should be mentioned clearly. Catchy slogans or facts could be used.

  • Product Box
Product bottle

Product Packaging Box

Eye-catchy designs should be used. Try using bright contrast colours , designs and good quality images or vectors. Maintain the colour theme throughtout the entire product package  designing process.

Try using boxes that will be easy to store without taking too much place on shop shelves

  • Corrugated box
custom delivery box printing

corrugated box printing

This box is used for home delivery orders and wholesale orders. The box is like a moving advertisement and hence the logo of the company should be printed on the box.

  • Tape with logo printed
Custom Tape for packaging

Custom Tape for packaging

Lastly the box sealed with a custom logo tape acts as a Branding method without any added expense and also creates a good image of the company.

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