How To Design A Brochure ?

How to Design a brochure ?

Brochure design

How to design a brochure

                   Designing a brochure seems to look easy but it takes a lot of important points to keep in mind while designing your brochure

When you design a brochure, the 1st thing that comes to your mind is

  1. What information to add in it?Always keep your paragraphs short
  • Always keep your paragraphs short
  • Exclude unimportant information

Keeping your paragraphs short and excluding unimportant information helps the person read all the information with ease in a short period of time.

brochure design

Good Fonts and Colours

  1. Use good fonts and font size

Using fancy fonts that are not easily readable will be difficult to keep the reader’s eyes into the brochure. Using good fonts and using font sizes in a right way will keep the readers eyes in the way you want.

  1. Good and decent colours

Avoid using flashy colours and maintain a contrast colour palette with the background colour and the text colour

brochure design


  1. Alignment

Avoid text at the edges and maintain the same alignment throughout the brochure

Include enough spaces to avoid clutter.

Good Quality Images

  1. Good Quality Images

Use high quality hd images and appropriate images wherever required. Good images will catch the eye of the reader.

Company Information and Contact details

  1. Company Information and Contact details

Do include information about the company and complete information including logo, address, telephone, email address, phone number and website

  1. Page Size and colour format

Keep in the mind the size of the page for your brochure and set the colour format to RGB if its an online brochure and CYMK if its a printing file.

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