Other Ways to promote your business orders instead of a Visiting Card

Other Ways to promote your business orders instead of a Visiting Card

Sales promotion

Ways to promote your business orders

Visiting card is the most commonly used tool for business promotion. There is no doubt, Business cards do the best work as it is expected and will continue in the future. However, if you want to be more creative and unique and you want repeat purchases, you can try the following ideas,

  • Loyalty Card

sales promotion

loyalty card printing

This is a very exciting and smart way to keep customers re-ordering with you. You can either have a points system reward or a coupon as above.

  • Basic Thankyou Card

Thankyou card Printing

Thankyou card

A Thankyou card with a sweet and short message can do wonders. It may make the customer more happy as they receive their order and will want to shop again.

  • Plant a seed – Thankyou card

Card printing in Mumbai

Seed Thankyou card

Since people are have started encouraging eco-friendly practices, this method will be of more advantage. In a Plant a seed thankyou-card, the seeds of a plant will be enclosed in the card or mini envelope and on receiving it the customer can plant it and create their own nursery or garden.

  • Freebie

banner poster printing

free gift promotion

You can place a free gift of a lower cost. This will make the customer happy and will definitely spread the word of mouth to shop with your brand. The offer will also attract more customers.

  • Flyer of offers or new launches

poster printing

Sales flyer

Making the customer feel like an important part of the business will be beneficial for your firm. Give out flyers of best offers and new launches for frequent customers or as you wish.

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