Promoting Your Business During Covid-19


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Many businesses all over the world have been going through tremendous losses due to covid-19. Especially in India, as there was a lockdown for a couple of months, everything was shut. Now since the lockdown is not implied anymore, businessmen have started gearing up and running their business. Many of them are still not able to make enough sales as people are hesitant to move around and shop offline. Now taking advantage of the festive season and the end of the year, businessmen can promote their businesses to attract buyers and increase their sales.

Here are some ideas that you can use to promote your business:


Flyer printing

Flyer printing

Create offers and discounts and use attractive designs and slogans. Slip in these flyers in newpapers, existing orders packages and also post it digitally


Poster Printing in India

Create advertisement posters and hang around the areas in and around the store to attract buyers

Stationary / Freebies

With the festive season like Diwali, Christmas and New year, a couple of custom goodies can be distributed like

Diary with logo printed

custom corporate diary

Pen with logo printed

corporate pen with logo

Calendar with logo

corporate calendar printing

Or other gifts with your company logo sticker on it

Corporate gifting with sticker

Visiting Card – place in a card with the items you give

Visiting card printing

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