Wedding precautions guide against Covid

Wedding  precautions guide against Covid

Wedding precautions guide against Covid

Wedding precautions guide against Covid

Here are some ways that you can take precautions during your wedding ,Weddings take place all around the year and due to the lockdown, marriages had to be postponed. Since marriages have started again and it is very important to take precautions against corona virus.

1 – Invite minimum crowd less than 50 members or as per the government rules.

wedding invitation card


You can mention RSVP in your invitation cards, which means the guest shall confirm how many members are going to attend or you can mention the number of people you want to invite from one family. This will help you to maintain the minimum number of guests.

2- Mention Precautionary details in your invitation card

wedding banner for covid


In your invitation card, you shall mention detailed precautionary measures to be taken during the wedding.

For Eg:

  • Take rest and avoid attending the wedding if you are unwell
  • Temperature checkup and sanitizing booth will be present at the entrance
  • Maintain social distancing at the venue
  • No one will be allowed to enter without a mask

Wear masks at all times

3 – Install safety Banners / Boards around the venue

Wedding banners

Place social distancing banners , wear mask and sanitize banners. You can also use quirky or funny words to deliver the above messages in the banner.

Install a booth at the entrance to record the temperature and install a sanitizer

4 – Design and Print custom masks for close family members

custom wedding masks

For Eg for the parents or siblings and close relatives of the couple

5 – You can provide safety keepsakes for the guests


Design and print custom masks of your wedding and you can provide it to the guests as a keepsake.

Or you can also provide a custom designed pocket sanitiser for all guests.

Custom Sanitizer

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